• After you have finished your dry herb vape session, use the removable spike to empty your vapes herb chamber into the Portavb and click the magnetic lid on to keep in any smells!

    Debowls your herb vaporizer

    After you have finished your dry herb vape session, use the removable spike to empty your vapes herb chamber into the Portavb and click the magnetic lid on to keep in any smells!

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    Cooling Stand

    Portavb has a magnetic cooling stand for your vapes. This also doubles as a secure base on metal trays when the lid is flipped.

  • Portavb is modular and comes apart easily for cleaning. Wipe with ISO and its like new!

    Easy cleaning

    Portavb is modular and comes apart easily for cleaning. Wipe with ISO and its like new!

  • Versatile

    For wider body portables we recommend that you flip the Portavb, unscrew the debowling section and use to reach your bowl.

  • Mini Debowler

    You can also unscrew the top ring of the Portavb and screw onto the debowling section for a deeper bowl.

  • Sturdy Base

    If you are using a magnetic surface such as a rolling tray we recommend you pop the mini debowler into the lid for a study magnetic base that wont move!

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Designed for legal medical cannabis patients who vaporize

In 2018 Cannabis was legalised for medical use but in the UK it must be vaporised not combusted.
Cannabis once vaporised turns dark brown and becomes AVB or Already Vaped Bud which people dispose of or use later for edibles.

Portavb is designed to debowl and store AVB.

The Portavb is a portable and universal debowler designed in the UK for use with all herb vapes. Great care has been taken to design this to allow for easy use in a multiple configurations while remaining stable and easy to maintain. It is also suitable for people with limited dexterity as it uses a magnetic cap system which is easy to remove and replace.

Portavb was created by two sisters who are legal medical cannabis patients and we needed a storage solution for ANY VAPORIZER!

The base configuration is how it comes out of the box, with a stainless steel debowler spike mounted inside an anodized aluminium body. For easy access the debowler spike sits slightly higher than the top of the main storage body which is handy when using it with injector or diffuser bowls which are common to ball vapes and a range of other setups now on the market. Unlike other debowlers the Portavb has a large enough spike to debowl herb chambers of any height! For added stability the cap can be placed on the underside of the main body, providing a wider base and a lower center of gravity, meaning you're even less likely to knock it over! For an alternative configuration you can unscrew the main body of the Portavb, leaving the debowler spike fully exposed!

To make it even more useful the Portavb has a cooling magnet installed on the top of the cap which can be used to place your DynaVap or similar setup onto, helping it cool faster so that you can remove the cap without burning your fingers.

Portavb parts are all interchangeable so if you have more than one of these it's possible to switch the black and green parts around to make a combination if desired!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Aaron Fimister
So handy

I've been debowling my S&B and TM2 capsules with a watch band tool and throwing away my AVB! Now I have the perfect tool and storage container combined! Great job folks!

Hellen Frost
Absolutely Brilliant bit of kit!

Super helpful to have on my desk next to my thermal twist. Also helps with emptying Crafty+ capsules. very easy to use, and no smell leaks from the AVB inside. I like the little lid magnet for keeping my scrubber ducky egg safe!

Tyler Green (ISMOKE)
Very useful for vaping!!

As a medical patient, it is important to ensure I can promptly change bowls as needed, and I was finding this both fiddly and messy. The Portavb has been a game changer, allowing me to quickly and easily remove AVB after use. This keeps my vaporizer more clean, so I need to clean it less. Brilliant product, highly recommend.

Fern Prince
Game changer!

I’ve been using this little beaut for a few weeks and it’s quickly become an essential bit of my vape kit. It makes de-bowling a breeze, and the modular design means it works perfectly in all kinds of bowls, dosing caps and vapes - truly one size fits all. The metal body is super robust, and the combination of magnetic and screw in sections means it’s super secure, so you never need to worry that it’ll come apart and spill while you’re out and about! It feels really smooth and tactile, and the green is such a cute colour, so not only is it useful, it’s pleasing on the eyes and hands too. Worth every penny and more!

MCPA Happy customer 😉👏

I recently won a raffle from MCPA for the Portavb magnetic portable debowler for my dry herb vaporizer, and it has exceeded my expectations. The sleek design and magnetic functionality make it incredibly convenient to use on the go. It's a game-changer for keeping my vaporizer clean and ready for the next session. What makes this product even more special is knowing that it comes from a company opened by two hardworking sisters. The Portavb is a must-have accessory for any dry herb enthusiast – it's practical, durable, and enhances the overall vaping experience. Five stars without a doubt!

Portavb AVB on the go

The modular, magnetic portable AVB debowler

Portavb in action!